• Ductile Iron Pipe Flanged

    Ductile Iron Pipe Flanged

    ductile iron pipe China,Ductile Iron Pipe Flanged:METALCOPIPE® manufacture flanged Ductile Iron Pipe ranging from DN80—DN2000. Length of flanged pipe and the number and position of puddle flange would be customized according to requirement ....

  • Ductile Iron Pipe T-type

    Ductile Iron Pipe T-type

    The push-on type joint is easy to assemble and fast to install. The push-on design eliminates the need for glands and fasteners....

  • Socket Spigot Fittings

    Socket Spigot Fittings

    The joint features simple structure ,easy installation and sound sealing performance. The positioning of sealing ring and deflection of joint are taken into consideration during socket structure design ......

  • Flanged Pipe Fittings

    Flanged Pipe Fittings

    Flange joint is rigid joint with sound sealing performance . it is usually used in the places which connection with pumps , valves ,fire hydrant as well as crossing foundation , wall and so on ......

  • Loosing  Flanged Fittings

    Loosing Flanged Fittings

    Push-on Joint Fittings (Tyton),Fittings : Accordance with ISO1083 Ductile Cast Iron Grade500-7/450-12,Gasket: Accordance with EN681 EPDM/NBR/SBR...

  • Mechanical Pipe Fittings

    Mechanical Pipe Fittings

    The axial thrust forces generated at the bending places and tees of the pressure pipeline will cause the socket and spigot components to have relative displacement....

  • Fittings for PVC Pipes

    Fittings for PVC Pipes

    ISO2531/EN545/EN598/GB13295,Working Pressure,40bar,Push-on Joint Fittings (Tyton),Fittings : Accordance with ISO1083 Ductile Cast Iron Grade500-7/450-12...

  • Other Pipe Fittings

    Other Pipe Fittings

    Metalco Pipes is strictly with Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 &GB/T 19001-2008 , and awarded a serial of products compliance certificates ......


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